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Live Streaming Services


Helpful Hints to View Synagogue Emanu-El Live Streaming Services


We are pleased to offer our community the ability to view live streaming of Shabbat and holiday services safely and remotely during the current pandemic.  Below are a few key reminders to help you navigate technical or halachic issues.

Honoring Halacha:  We are a community that honors halacha, Jewish law, and, as a conservative synagogue, we strive to maintain halacha while adapting to the current needs of our community. To view guidelines for watching services while maintaining halacha, click or tap here. These guidelines are in accordance with the Committee for Law and Standards of Conservative Judaism.

Navigating Technology: Click or tap the play icon on the Synagogue Emanu-El logo in the broadcast player above.  If services are currently in progress, you will see and hear the video feed from our sanctuary in the broadcast window.  If they are not, you will simply see a picture of the bima area.

If you do not see a picture of the interior of the synagogue after pressing play, the stream is not yet live.  Wait until closer to the time for candlelighting and press play then.  The feed is live when you see LIVE in red in the top left of the broadcast player window.

If you want to enlarge the player, click or tap the arrows at the bottom right side of the broadcast player. You can also use the navigation bar to adjust the volume or pause the feed. 

Please note that to honor halacha, we will not adjust any aspects of the streaming on Shabbat or a holiday.  If you have audio or video difficulties, please contact the synagogue during weekday office hours.

Thank you for joining us for our virtual services.  We strive to serve all who seek Jewish connection and meaning.  

If you would like to provide feedback on our services, please click here

To make a donation to support our live streaming of Shabbat and holiday services, click here.


Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781