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How to Honor Halacha While Livestreaming

Click or tap the streaming webpage ( before Shabbat or the holiday.  Click or tap the Play button (a triangle) in the middle of the viewer window to activate the viewer and leave the StreamSpot viewer on overnight.  You are now ready to view the services when they begin.

Please note:
If you do not see the broadcast, you may need to refresh the browser page and click the Play button (the triangle) again. 

We are committed to addressing any technical difficulties.  However, please note that we can only control what comes out of the synagogue and not any issues your device has getting to the synagogue (internet, power, wireless issues, computer issues, etc.).  

If there is no stream, there has likely been an internet and/or extended power failure in the building.  Please remember that this cannot be fixed during Shabbat or on holidays; technical assistance is neither available nor can be provided during those same times.

You will see the synagogue logo until the service begins to stream.

Services begin with a short welcome from our rabbi. The stream will continue until the end of the Shabbat or holiday.

Note:  If you are using this method, you must set your computer or tablet to stay awake throughout Shabbat or the holiday.  Do the following to ensure you are set:
1.    Make sure your device is plugged in, so it doesn’t lose power overnight.
2.    Turn off automatic sleep mode, so that you don’t have to wake it up or re-enter a password.
3.    Depending on the device you are viewing on, do the following:

For an iPad or iPhone, in Settings, under “Display and Brightness,” set Auto-Lock to “Never.”

For a PC, see If using Windows 10, the final step in this process is to select “None” under Screen Saver. You will also need to go to Power and Sleep in the settings and set Screen and Sleep to turn off after “Never.”

For an Apple computer, choose Preferences from the Apple menu. Under “Desktop and Screen Saver,” change “Start After” to "Never.” 

Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782