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Tikkun Olam

No Hate/No Fear Solidarity Rally at Synagogue Emanu-El, January 12, 2020

Click here to read three things you can do to help the Charleston Jewish Community combat hate crimes.


Tikkun  olam (Hebrew for "repair the world") is the Jewish concept of following the commandments to help others.  We as Jews are tasked with repairing the world in preparation for the world to come.  Synagogue Emanu-El's Tikkun olam program of social action and community service is active in our communities--the Jewish community, the Lowcountry, and the world beyond the local.  We are always better together and together we will be as we make Tikkun olam an ever important part of Synagogue Emanu-El.

This year, Evaline Delson, our Tikkun olam congregation chairperson, was joined by Daphne Hubara and our COSY co-chairs, Lily Bluestein, and Tricia Eisenhart, to craft a Tikkun olam initiative. They selected a yearlong theme, Circle of Life. Each quarter, the congregation and COSY will address a specific program targeting different stages of life.

Make this the year you volunteer. Please watch The Scroll for program dates and how to participate.


Tikkun Olam 5780: Circle of Life

September/October/November — Families: Donations will be collected in advance and distributed as needed for families in designated disaster zones. If space becomes an issue, we will have access to a storage unit. If, at the end of our collection period, we still have leftover items, we will coordinate with local relief organizations. A “General Donation Needs” list will be provided.

December/January/February — Infants:  Filling the Crib: Nurses in Labor & Delivery often stock their personal lockers with items for new mothers who are not able to afford basic infant items. We’ll place a crib in our lobby and invite congregants to fill it with infant accessories. These items will be distributed as needed at the St. Francis Hospital Mother, Baby and Special Care Nursery. March/April/May — Senior Program: With guidance from our local Jewish Family Services branch of Federation, we will coordinate activities to benefit out Seniors. We’ll cook and deliver meals, make visits, and help arrange rides to appointments and/or synagogue events.

March/April/May — Senior Program:  With guidance from our local Jewish Family Services branch of the Charleston Jewish Federation, we will coordinate activities to benefit our Seniors.  We'll cook and deliver meals, make visits, and help arrange rides to appointments and/or synagogue events.  On hold due to coronavirus.

June/July/August — Children:  As school is ending, and our kids are sent home with extras, we will start collecting school supplies to benefit students at Mary Ford Elementary School. We also will request from the school a “wish list” to include needed items as well as needed hands-on help that we could provide when schools open in August.  On hold due to coronavirus.

Date TBD:  We’ve been contacted by the Orangeburg and Florence Jewish communities for help cleaning the gravestones in their cemeteries. We are currently trying to schedule a fall or spring date.

As always, we celebrated Hanukkah with our Night of Giving to support the Kosher Food Pantry.

A big thank you from Jane Edwards Elementary, a school in Edisto Island that is in the very southern tip of Charleston County! 
Synagogue Emanu-El collected and delivered school supplies to the kids for the new year.  (09/18/19)

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780