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A Letter from the Board of Directors regarding Afternoon Minyan

Dear Friends,

This communication is a brief update on the status of Synagogue Emanu-El’s afternoon minyan.  After years of continuous effort to maintain an afternoon minyan at Emanu-El, some of its staunchest supporters who have attended every day, four days a week, have reached the conclusion that dwindling attendance threatens its continued viability.  The Ritual Committee proposed holding minyan two afternoons a week in the hope of concentrating existing attendance to fewer days and thereby increasing the likelihood of getting a minyan.  An integral part of that proposal was the continued support for anyone to call for minyan for any afternoon or morning, as we currently do. All congregants  would continue the have the opportunity to say kaddish for a loved one no matter what afternoon the Yartzheit falls on.

The Ritual Committee recommendation was discussed at the recent Congregation Meeting. Since then some members have offered to step up and have begun to attend afternoon minyan more often to improve its viability. A lengthy discussion was conducted at the Board of Directors (BOD) meeting last night. Through all of the discussion, all reaffirmed that having a Minyan, and particularly having the ability to say kaddish and to support members who have lost loved ones, is a core part of our mission as a synagogue. 

The BOD decided at the end of the discussion to table the Ritual Committee recommendation for two months. President Marsha Gewirtzman, acting upon the request from the BOD, asked me to prepare this communication to the membership to apprise everyone of the current status of the afternoon minyan.  We encourage those who have the opportunity and desire, to join our afternoon minyanaires and attend more regularly. Please let the office know if you live near the shul and would consider joining the text message/call list.  Over the next two months, we will reassess our success in achieving afternoon minyans and revisit the proposed plan in January if and as necessary.


Craig Browdy
Synagogue Emanu-El

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