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Synagogue Emanu-El Preschool

Synagogue Emanu-El Preschool is available for children ages 3 through pre-K.  Students get an introduction to the rich Jewish culture in a three-year curriculum based on Sammy Spider, Sesame Street, Behrman House's "Jewish and Me" series. Pre-school meets once per month.  We also have regular themed Shabbatot and Shabbat dinners for pre-schoolers and their families.

Themed Shabbatot

One one Shabbat, our youngest congregants and their families celebrated Parshat Bereshit (Genesis 1) and learned about this first story in the book of our people, the Torah!  We ate a festive dinner with a menu that highlighted the different days of creation. We have also held a Disney Shabbat and one with a high holidays theme.

We have introduced special "No Shush Kabbalat Shabbat" nights where the congregation welcomes in Shabbat with song and prayer and joyful noise while our children dance and play on the bimah.

Tue, February 7 2023 16 Shevat 5783