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Urgent Kitchen Renovation

My dear Emanu-El friends,

You may have heard the buzz going around the synagogue recently about the state of our kitchens (meat and dairy). Just a couple of months ago, we had a situation where the drainage pipes under the tiled floor clogged. We were able to clear them out for the time being, but were told that they have started collapsing and in dire need of replacement. They cannot be cleared again. Access to these pipes means tearing up the floor.

We knew last year that we needed to replace the ceiling tiles, since they are very dirty and breaking down in certain areas. Then, we find out that our updated fire suppressant system is not usable because our wiring (located above the ceiling tiles) is not capable of supporting that system. This means that we are without fire protection in our kitchens. Needless to say, this is a problem and we can no longer use our ovens because of the fire danger.

I know this all sounds very dire and it does mean that we must undertake renovations in our kitchens immediately. The kitchens have been virtually untouched since the synagogue was built forty years ago. We have contracted with Rosenblum Coe to be our architect. Engineers will be in our kitchens assessing exactly what work must be done. We intend to start this work right away. Every attempt will be made to avoid shutting down totally. Our first undertaking will be repairs of our electrical system and bringing all wiring up to code.

We will be reporting to you regularly on our progress. We would also bring to your attention that we have established a Kitchen Renovation Fund for this project. This Fund is totally separate from the Sisterhood Kitchen Fund. The Sisterhood Fund is solely for kitchen furnishings β€” from appliances to can openers. This new Renovation Fund is just that β€” our new renovation. There are many opportunities for you and your family to contribute to this Fund on any level. Our committee is excited to have this β€œnew” kitchen for us now and for those who will come after us. I would happily discuss this work with you and answer any questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this construction phase.

Best wishes for a Healthy 5780,

Brenda Lederman
Committee Chairperson

Fri, January 24 2020 27 Tevet 5780