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Pesach 5779/2019 Schedule and Info

This guide is a comprehensive guide to the Passover holiday, provided by the Rabbinical Assembly, the organization of Conservative rabbis in the US.  Click to view Pesach 5779


Erev Pesach: 

Friday, April 19th

7:00AM- Minyan & Siyum Bekhorot (First-born "fast")

6:00PM- Kabbalat Shabbat

 Pesach Day 1: 

Saturday, April 20th

9:00AM - Macaroons & D'rash

9:30AM - Services

Pesach Day 2: 

Sunday, April 21st

9:30AM - Services

 Pesach Day 3: 

Monday, April 22nd

7:00AM & 5:30PM - Minyan

Pesach Day 4: 

Tuesday, April 23rd

7:00AM & 5:30PM - Minyan

 Pesach Day 5: 

Wednesday, April 24th

7:00AM & 5:30PM - Minyan

Pesach Day 6: 

Thursday, April 25th

7:00AM - Minyan

5:30PM -Healing Service

 Pesach Day 7: 

Friday, April 26th

9:30AM - Yom Tov Service

6:00PM -Kabbalat Shabbat

 Pesach Day 8: 

Saturday, April 27th

9:00AM -Macaroons & D'rash



The Search for Chametz

 The ceremony of the search for leavened bread, bedikat chametz, will take place this year on Thursday, March 18th, after sunset. The head of the family, equipped with a lighted candle, a feather and a wooden spoon, goes from room to room with other family members gathering little crumbs of bread as a symbolic expression that the house has been cleansed of all Chametz and has been prepared for the holidays. Chametz thus gathered is burned no later than 11:00AM, the following morning, Friday, April 19th. This can and should become a lovely family tradition, involving even the small children. The prayers accompanying the search and the burning of Chametz are found at the beginning of most Haggadahs.


Siyum Bekhorot Breaking the fast of the First-Born: Friday, April 19th at 7:00AM

 On Friday morning, April 19th, following Minyan which begins at 7:00AM, all first-born males and 

females are urged to attend a SIYUM BEKHOROT, a special study session marking the completion of a portion of study. This observance originated in remembrance of the fact that when the first born of Egypt were slain during the Tenth Plague, the Jewish first-born were to fast on the day before Passover. 
This fast can, however, be replaced by a study session on the Talmud followed by a seudat mitzvah, a mealcelebrating the performance of a mitzvah.

Mechirat Chametz

 Since it is not practical to remove all "Chametz" food & utensils from our homes during Passover,  Jewish law has provided for the sale of all Chametz for the duration of the Passover festival to a non-Jew. Upon the conclusion of Passover, the Chametz reverts to the Jewish owner. Rabbi Rosenbaum will act as the agent to arrange this sale. In order to sell your Chametz, fill in the form here. While there is no charge for the sale of Chametz, we encourage you to enclose a donation to Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger. We urge everyone to give Chai ($18) for life (or multiples thereof) but, of course, Mazon is grateful for all contributions.

 Please make checks payable to Mazon.

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