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A Message from the Rabbi Search Committee - Success

After an extensive search that began some five months ago, it is the distinct pleasure of the Rabbi Search Committee to share that an agreement in principle has been reached with Rabbi Evan Ravski to lead Synagogue Emanu-El starting July 1, 2020. Rabbi Ravski and his wife, Abby, felt such an outpouring of warmth from the congregation. Along with their sons, Judah and Asher, they look forward to being part of our community.

The journey of our search has been focused and strategic. It began with a trip to the Rabbinical Assembly in New York followed by our position posting, a 19 page document describing our synagogue's hopes and challenges as well as insight into our community. The journey included constant dialogue with the USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism), candidate conference calls and Skype interviews, reference checks, and finally in person visits with two candidates. The schedules for those visits were a whirlwind. Your involvement, participation, and feedback were tremendously helpful making the process work.

Likely you recall the October focus groups and surveys which helped us coalesce around five rabbi priorities. We strongly feel Rabbi Ravski reflects those priorities and will serve all members. Change is rarely without challenges but as a community we are poised to make the transition successful and our congregation stronger. Leadership will identify a transition team to work with Rabbi Ravski and be a liaison to create openness, to listen and to address suggestions. Always, the ultimate goal is to create a model for success and a template that addresses solutions not criticism.

What a wonderful opportunity to join together with a creative, energetic, and excited spiritual leader who wants to meet the needs of today and guide us into the future. Our vision and reality are within our reach.

With warm personal regards,

Dennis Feinberg, Committee Chair
Marsha Gewirtzman, Congregational President

Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781