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Passover 2023/5783

Passover begins the evening of Wednesday, April 5th
Passover ends the evening of Thursday, April 13th.

Passover Guide

The synagogue has prepared an online guide, found below, to help you through the entire holiday, from preparations (begin now!) to the seder table to the last day's havdalah.  Click here or on the image below to open the guide.

Cover of Passover 2023 guide with a picture of shmura matza on a platter, wine, and other Passover symbols


Passover Schedule

April 4
After Dark: Bidikat Chametz/Search for Chametz

April 5
7:30am - Fast of the Firstborn, Shacharit minyan and Siyyum.

Last time to sell your chametz is 8:00am.
Stop eating chametz by 10:45am.
Burn chametz before 12:00pm.

Candle lighting for Yom Tov is at 7:24pm, followed by the first seder.

April 6
9:30am - Yom Tov services
Candle lighting for Yom Tov is at 8:26pm.
Second seder takes place.

April 7
9:30am-Yom Tov services.
Candle lighting for Shabbat is at 7:26pm.

April 8-11
Chol HaMoed Pesach
April 8 - Shabbat Chol HaMoed services are at 9:30am.
April 11 - Candle lighting at 7:29pm.

April 12
9:30am - Yom Tov services.
Candle lighting 8:30pm.

April 13
9:30am - Yom Tov/Yizkor services
Pesach ends at 8:30pm.
Chametz is yours again at 8:30pm!

Office Hours

The synagogue office will be closed on the following days:

Thursday, April 6th
Friday, April 7th
Wednesday, April 12th
Thursday, April 13th


The Festivals:  Passover

The Festivals is a fun and multi sensory look at Sukkot, Passover,  and Shavuot.  The date for our Passover session is March 26.  All the details and registration can be found by clicking here.

Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784