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Passover 5780


A Note About This Year’s Passover at Emanu-El

We are proud of our annual tradition of hosting a Passover Seder in the Synagogue. This has provided members, local guests, and out-of-town guests a warm and meaningful experience for one of Judaism’s most beloved traditions.

Unfortunately, due to the unsafe condition of the kitchen and very necessary refurbishment, we will be unable to host a Passover Seder this year.   By informing you of this now, we recommend the following:

  • If you are hosting Passover Seders at your home and are able to accommodate extra guests, especially those who do not have a Seder to attend, please contact the Synagogue office;
  • If you need a Seder to attend, please contact the Synagogue office and we will try to link you with a home that has spots available;
  • Regardless of your circumstance for this year’s Passover, we can all agree that our annual congregational Seder is an important service to the synagogue and the wider community — one of many vital services that we cannot provide without a functioning kitchen. We hope you’ll join us in donating to ensure that our renewed kitchen will nourish the community for years to come.

The Search for Chametz

The ceremony of the search for leavened bread, bedikat chametz, will take place this year on Tuesday, April 7th, after sunset. The family, equipped with a lighted candle, a feather, and a wooden spoon, goes from room to room gathering crumbs of bread as a symbolic expression that the home has been cleansed of all chametz and is prepared for the holiday. Chametz thus gathered is burned no later than 11AM the following morning, Wednesday, April 8th. This is a lovely family tradition, involving even the small children. The prayers accompanying the search and the burning of Chametz are found at the beginning of most Haggadot.

Siyum Bekhorot - Breaking the Fast of the Firstborn

On Wednesday morning, April 8th, following Minyan at 7am, all first-born males and females are urged to attend a SIYUM BEKHOROT, a special study session marking the completion of a portion of study.

This observance originated in remembrance of the fact that when the first born of Egypt were slain during the Tenth Plague, the Jewish first-born were to fast on the day before Passover. This fast can, however, be replaced by a study session followed by a seudat mitzvah, a meal celebrating the performance of a mitzvah.

Mechirat Chametz

Since it is not practical to remove all “Chametz” food & utensils from our homes during Passover, Jewish law has provided for the sale of all Chametz for the duration of the Passover festival to a non-Jew. Upon the conclusion of Passover, the Chametz reverts to the Jewish owner.

Rabbi Rosenbaum will act as the agent to arrange this sale. We are proud to announce that this year, you can again sell your Chametz online.

In order to sell your Chametz, fill in the form at this location.

While there is no charge for the sale of Chametz, we encourage you to enclose a donation to Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger. We urge everyone to give Chai ($18) for life (or multiples thereof) but, of course, Mazon is grateful for all contributions. Please make checks payable to Mazon.

Healing Service - April 14, 5:30pm

Jewish healing services support people going through life transitions, those who may be grieving, people struggling with medical or health issues, or anyone who is interested in adding spirituality and healing into their prayers. Join us for this evening service with songs and readings that encourage healing together. Light refreshments to follow.

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780