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Synagogue Emanu-El is partnering with MyTree in Israel for a unique program that connects you directly to an Israeli farmer by adopting an olive tree in their grove. After the November harvest, they will produce boutique kosher extra virgin olive oil for you. There is no middle man, farm to doorstep!

We encourage you to place your order as early as possible since that is the essence of the program:  supporting and promoting Israeli farmers, and it is helpful for the farmers to know as early as possible that their olive oil has been purchased.

This fundraising effort benefits Synagogue Emanu-El, Israel and Israeli farmers. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to Emanu-El, and the farmer can now work in his grove with confidence that the fruits of his labors will be sent to you at the end of the year.


Kosher extra virgin
fresh unfiltered olive oil

Adopt a tree and get SIX
bottles of olive oil from
that tree
Buy olive oil directly
from your farmer's
olive grove
Support Israel
and Israeli farmers


Purchasing Opportunities

  • 12 bottles—personalized with your name or name of your choice

  • 6 bottles—personalized with your name or name of your choice
  • 3 bottles—personalized with your name or name of your choice
  • 3 bottles—with Synagogue Emanu-El on the label
  • 1 bottle—with Synagogue Emanu-El on the label

The more you buy, the more you save!

Click Here to Purchase Olive Oil

2 Trees (12 bottles) personalized with your name or name of your choice $475.00
1 Tree (6 bottles) personalized with your name or name of your choice $250.00
3 bottles personalized with your name or name of your choice $160.00
3 bottles with Synagogue Emanu-El on the label $135.00
1 bottle with Synagogue Emanu-El on the label $50.00

20% of the price is tax-deductible

NEW - Your Olive Oil Bottles, Upgraded

We have received word from our farmers in Israel that the olive oil bottles will be upgraded for this year's harvest?  Why?

  1. It is recommended to store the olive oil in a tin box. The use of the tin is very convenient and allows you to keep the oil for a very long time. This is VERY important to us because we ship once a year and it needs to last you until you get your next shipment. 
  2. Olive oil is sensitive to sunlight and oxygen. All the major producers understand this and they are moving to tin cans which solve the problem. Since we are shipping all over the world, we cannot take chances that the oil will be stored properly in different climates.  
  3. In order to prevent any breakages during shipment, it was important to move from glass.
  4. The label on the tin bottle is simply a lot nicer! Especially for private labels! It covers the entire can and can fit your name in a larger area. 

Why fresh Israeli olive oil?

Your olive oil is rushed to your door straight from an Israeli farmer at the peak of harvest-fresh flavor. There is no middle man, Farm to Doorstep!​

​Every batch of oil is independently lab-certified to be 100 percent extra virgin olive oil.

Israeli olive oil is absolutely delicious! Olive oil enhances every dish and adds great enjoyment to any meal. Your olive oil is suitable for cooking, frying and baking. Olive oil is a savory addition for salads, omelets, pies, meats, casseroles and many other dishes. In addition, Israeli olive oil has rich nutritional value.

The olive oil is produced in the Northern District of Israel. When you adopt a tree in a farmer’s olive grove, you are receiving olive oil that is produced from that grove. The farmer commits to producing 6 bottles of 750 ml of 100% Extra Virgin Kosher olive oil for you. You then receive the bottles with your name on the label stating that the olive oil came from the grove where your adopted tree is sited.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my bottles of olive oil?
You will receive your bottles of olive oil after the trees are harvested. In Israel, the harvest is in November. Therefore, you will receive your bottles of olive oil by the first quarter of the following year of the adoption, typically in the month of January.

How many bottles will I receive per adopted tree?
You will receive 6 bottles of Extra Virgin Kosher Olive Oil for every tree that you adopt.

How large is each bottle?
Each bottle contains 750ml (25.03 ounces) of olive oil. This is a very large bottle of Olive Oil.

Why do I receive all 6 bottles at the same time?
You will receive all 6 bottles of olive oil in the same shipment after the trees are harvested. In Israel, olives are harvested in November and you will be receiving your olive oil directly from that year’s harvest. Your olive oil will not be stored in a warehouse. It will be sent to you fresh from that year’s harvest.

Is the olive oil kosher?
Yes. the olive oil is kosher. The Hachshara is the local rabanut of Binyamina.

Do all six bottles have the same name printed on the label?
Yes. When you purchase 6 bottles or 3 bottles, you decide the name to be printed on the label. Each adopted tree will have one name that you designate. Of course, you can adopt more than one tree, and each adopted tree can have a different name printed on the label, if you so choose. We are also offering the opportunity to order 3 bottles or a single bottle with Synagogue Emanu-El printed on the label.

Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyyar 5782