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Synagogue Emanu-El Kitchen Renovation


For over 40 years our synagogue has been enjoying the meals coming out of our kitchen. While it has served us well, we have not invested in updates. Our electrical system does not meet Building Code.  Drainage pipes have collapsed.  Load-bearing walls are not reinforced. Countertops are unsanitary. Once construction begins, we will know the condition of our foundation and the extent of our asbestos problem.

We are proud to have chosen Rosenblum Coe as our kitchen renovation architect. 

For questions on the kitchen renovation or insight into donation opportunities, please contact Brenda Lederman  (, chair of our kitchen renovation project.  We can’t thank Brenda enough for what she has done to make this project a reality.

Please continue to monitor this section of our website for updates on the renovation.

Donate Online  --  See Donation Levels

Summary of Kitchen Problems

Click here to view Rosenblum Cole Architects' study of our existing kitchen (large download)

Building Code Compliance

-Probable asbestos present in ductwork mastic
-Multiple cracks in load-bearing/non-load-bearing masonry walls.  Some cracks extend from the interior of the kitchen to the outside of the building

Mechanical and Plumbing

-Insufficient clearance between equipment and hood edges
-Use of extension cords behind equipment to power large appliances
-Inoperable floor drains
-Drains improperly connected
-No known grease trap


-Unsupported wiring above ceiling
-Insufficient clearance for electrical panels and water heater equipment
-Non-GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlets near sinks


Food Safety/Cleanliness issues

-Joints between countertops are exposed
-Grout damage on tile flooring near drains
-Non-operational floor drains
-Water-damaged toe space beneath floor cabinets
-Exposed piping and surface mounted conduit


Simply put, our current electrical system is a fire hazard. It is dangerous for everyday use and will not support our new fire suppressant system.

Our drain pipes located under the floor are collapsing into themselves and cannot be cleared by a plumber again.

Currently, only the dairy convection oven can be used, and then only when someone stays in the kitchen and knows how to use the fire extinguisher. The meat kitchen is closed.

Naming and Donation Levels

Naming Opportunities

Full Kitchen: $250,000

Meat and Dairy Kitchen: $100,000 each

Coffee Nook: $50,000

Naming opportunities will be recognized on a glass plaque in the atrium and in the kitchen/social hall.


Levels of Giving

Renovation Leaders: $25,000 and above
Etched glass plaque in the atrium, honorary wall plaque in the kitchen/social hall and an honorary High Holiday aliyah

Benefactors: $10,000 -$24,999
Etched glass plaque in the atrium, honorary wall plaque in the kitchen/social hall

Sponsors: $5000-$9999
Etched glass plaque in the kitchen, honorary wall plaque in the kitchen/social hall

Supporters: $1000-$4999
Honorary wall plaque in the kitchen/social hall


All gifts will be recognized in the Scroll.  When we open our new, safe, sanitary kitchen, we anticipate having a grand opening party.  At that time, we will distribute a booklet recognizing gifts to the Kitchen Renovation Fund over $100.

Please remember that all donations to the Kitchen Renovation Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 
Credit card donations can be made easily on this site or our mobile app. 

For cash and check transactions, please contact the office. 

As always, appreciated stock and RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) donations are appreciated.  Please call Ruth in the office for guidance.

Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781