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High Holidays 2018/5779

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L'Shanah Tovah from Rabbi Rosenbaum

"You are not obligated to finish the task; nor are you free to abstain from it." Pirkei Avot 2:21

As we approach a new year, the challenges that face us feel overwhelming.  Violence and famine continue to spread across the globe.  Technology adds both convenience and quandaries to our daily lives.  And the tenor of conversation, political or otherwise, feels more tense than ever.

This is why the theme of this year's High Holidays is the quote above.  It's easy to despair that the solutions to our problems feel so far away. It's easy to conclude that there's nothing you or I can do to solve them.  And, yes, one individual can only do so much.

However, our tradition teaches that we must at least take steps to fix what ails the world.  If we were to throw our hands in the air in despair, nothing will be accomplished.  But a community filled with people willing to take first steps can get a lot done.

This will be my 10th High Holidays with Synagogue Emanu-El, and I continue to be honored to serve this sacred community.  I hope you'll join me over the upcoming holidays to expore this theme and to renew our energies as a congregation.

On behalf of Shoshana, Jonathan, and Eliana, I wish all of you a happy and meaningful new year -- a year with many meaningful first steps.


Rabbi Adam J. Rosenbaum



Note:  Babysitting will be free and provided at all services.


Sun, April 21 2019 16 Nisan 5779