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L’Shanah Tovah From Rabbi Rosenbaum

It wasn’t so long ago that peoples’ lives would revolve mostly around a small portion of the world. They would work, play, love, grieve, strive, and dream in a community with which they were intimately familiar. Maybe, once in a while, they would venture into parts unknown, but rarely would they wind up anywhere but where they started.

The last century or so has allowed us to think more broadly than ever before. Whereas the great explorers of the world only had names like Polo, Columbus, Lewis, and Clark, today’s great explorers are … just about everyone. Whether we see it on a computer screen or in person, the wonders of the world are never far from us.

But a broader reach also necessitates a broader awareness. No longer can our concern be only for our immediate surroundings; instead, the great challenges of modern life fall to us regardless of where we live.

And so, as we approach a new Jewish year, we are borrowing a phrase made famous during the 1980s, “We Are The World”, to emphasize our responsibility to greater society. Because this annual process of looking inwardly to improve ourselves — described in our tradition as teshuvah — must also be coupled with a commitment to look outwardly to improve greater society.

Shoshana, Jonathan, Eliana, and I wish you a sweet and happy new year filled with perspective and fulfillment.


Rabbi Adam J. Rosenbaum

Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780