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Holiday Decorum


Help Us Help You!

Our synagogue employees and volunteers are working hard before and during the High Holidays for your benefit. They want all of us to have a meaningful and spiritual religious experience.




To that end:

  • Please be respectful to directions given by ushers by staying quiet in the hallways and by following their instructions regarding entering and exiting the Sanctuary.
  • Please keep conversation in the Sanctuary to a quiet, brief minimum so that fellow worshippers can fully take part in the service.
  • Please do not use mobile phones or cameras in the building during the Holidays or Shabbat. 


During the last service of Yom Kippur, Neilah, we invite anyone who likes to approach the ark when it is open. This custom is holy to many in our congregation. We hope you’ll take part!

  • Please observe the following practices:
  • Refrain from conversation while standing in line to approach the ark.
  • When standing at the ark, take a few moments for your meditation, but keep in mind that many people are waiting in line behind you.
  • Make sure your head is covered while standing on the bimah.
Thu, January 23 2020 26 Tevet 5780