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President's High Holiday Address/Appeal

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We will remember our loved ones at the Emanu-El Cemetery each of these mornings at 10:30am, Sunday, Sep 27 and Friday, October 9. While tradition tells us to recite Yizkor on the holidays of Yom Kippur and Shmini Atzeret themselves, this year we will say it the morning before so that we may gather together in person to help give us comfort as we recite the liturgy. We will gather at the cemetery and over Zoom to recite the Yizkor service and be comforted by the words of our tradition and being in one another's presence while engaging in this act of remembrance.

Ark Procession

Over the past few years, the ark procession during the Neilah service has become one of the highlights of our Yom Kippur observance. Having a few meaningful, reflective moments in front of the ark reminds us of our closeness to God’s presence even as the Gates of Judgement are closing.

This Yom Kippur, we will maintain this tradition by offering the opportunity for individuals and families to have those few moments on this holiest of days.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s ark procession, please complete this form. For questions, contact Rabbi Ravski at  Please choose your preferred time frame (1:30-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm).  Around two weeks before the holiday (or later if you sign up after that), you will receive a response with a precise window of time for you to arrive as well as a description of procedures to follow when you arrive at the synagogue.

We hope that you will join us in observing this Emanu-El tradition and meaningful holiday moment.

Simchat Torah Full Torah Reading

On Simchat Torah we celebrate having completed reading the whole Torah. As our public reading of the Torah on Shabbat was disrupted this year Emanu-El is going to read the first aliyah from every parsha this Simchat Torah (and maybe even a few extra!)! If you are interested in reading a few aliyot, please be in touch with Rabbi Ravski at for details.

Shmini Atzeret- Prayer Rocks

Shmini Atzeret is a holiday with one purpose:  to spend it with God in holiness. It is an added day of prayer. In your gift bag, there will be a smooth rock. Before the holiday, decorate it and paint it if you want and attach a personal prayer to it. It can be the same prayer you wrote for Shma Koleinu or a different one. Bring the completed rock to the synagogue before Shmini Atzeret, and we will include it in our brand new Kindness Garden, a space filled with beauty, prayer, and kindness.

Shma Koleinu- Hear Our Voice

Perhaps the thing we will miss the most this year is the sound of the congregation's voice -- in services, in the building, in all the spaces and moments that we spend together on the holidays. This year, so your voice might be heard, write a short blessing or prayer to be read during the service and/or posted on the website. These high holidays, we want to hear your voice, no matter where you are! Email these short, three or four sentence prayers to Rabbi Ravski:

Teykah B'Shofar- Sound the Shofar and Share with Us

Sound the Shofar (or something Shofar-like) at home and record yourself on video! We will be sharing those videos throughout the month of Elul. Tekiyah-Shevarim-Teruah  -- and a Tekiyah Gedolah for good measure! 

Email your short videos to Joe Stern at
Watch the videos here.

High Holiday Gift Bags

In order to find ways to draw everyone into the celebration of the holidays, we are creating High Holiday bags, containing a little something for each of the five holidays in the month of Tishrei ... plus a little extra! We have a Holiday Gift Bag for every family in our congregation. Bags will be available for pick up weekdays from Wednesday, September 9th through Thursday, September 17th, 9-3 pm each day. Please complete this online request form to indicate if you can pick up your bag, or to request delivery. You may also indicate if you can pick up bags for family and friends. Leah in the office will be coordinating pick up and delivery, and we will attempt to deliver bags to all who are unable to arrange pick-up.

Getting Involved

Due to Covid 19, and per our Re-Opening Task Force, attendance to on-site services will be limited to those who are participating (having an Aliya, reading a prayer, leading a service). If you are comfortable being in the building as a participant, please email Daphne Hubara. As feasible, from Rosh Hashanah to Simhat Torah, we hope many can participate on site as service participants despite the limited attendance. We will work to honor all requests.

Last Year's High Holidays Book

Machzorim for the High Holidays Now on Sale - or Borrow from the Synagogue

We are offering to all congregants the opportunity to check out a Holiday Machzor. Please email Leah Bowzard so that we can set aside a prayer book for you, and have a record of books that have been borrowed

Teen Talk with Lara LeRoy

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781