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Prayer List Addition

Please use this form to provide us a name to add to the monthly prayer list for those in need of healing that is read at weekday and Shabbat minyanim.  For assistance, contact Leah.

Please note:

  • All names will be added to the printed bulletin available at Shabbat services, so you should have consent to add a person's name.
  • The prayer list is cleared after the last Shabbat of the (English) month. You will need to resubmit the name(s) as needed each month.
  • For the mi shebeirach prayer, it is preferable, if possible, to use the person's Hebrew name followed by their mother's Hebrew name (e.g., Yitzhak ben Sarah, Dinah bat Leah)
  • The rabbi will see your submission.  He is happy to also follow up with you - please check the box below and provide contact information.
(e.g., Yitzhak ben Sarah, Dinah bat Leah)

Please check this box to indicate that you have read this page and have consent to list this person on the synagogue's prayer list.  You understand you must re-submit all names at the beginning of every English month.

Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783