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Why do we repeat some high holiday prayers SO many times?

The traditional Jewish practice is to pray three times a day. In addition, when we gather for prayer, we often recite more than one service at each meeting; hence, on a Shabbat and holiday morning, we recite both Shaharit (morning) and Musaf (special additional service) services, and on an afternoon gathering, we usually recite both Minha (afternoon) and Ma'ariv (evening) services. Hence, many of the most familiar prayers seem to be said over and over again, sometimes more than once at each prayer session.

How can we deal with this apparent redundancy? Keep in mind that even if we recite the same words repeatedly, each time we say them, we are at least a slightly different version of ourselves. Therefore, every time we pray, we bring a different emotion and perspective to our relationship with God and the words in our prayer books.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780