Welcome To Our New Library!

In August 2007, our Synagogue underwent extensive renovations. The¬†administrative offices and the Rabbi’s office were moved and that space was used to form a library that was divided into a Children’s and Adult section.

The original library was started in the 1960’s when the Synagogue was located on Gordon Street. It was called the Kronsberg Library of Synagogue Emanu-El and a record of the first book purchased (The Jewish Encyclopedia , published in 1905)¬†took place on December 22nd, 1969. Rabbi Taxon was the rabbi at that time and Freddie Kronsberg was the first librarian.

Ruth Gilston was the librarian for many years and then towards the end of the 1990’s she retired.

From that time on until 2005, there was no librarian, and no books were bought for many years. The library was used as a classroom and a meeting room and fewer and fewer books were borrowed.

In 2006 a new library committee was formed with Patti Bagg as chair person. The original committee members were Ted and Rose Levin, Abby Levine, Mickey Bagg, Leila Sarrick, Debbie Toporek, Pam Coyle, Leah Greenberg and Marjorie Lynch.

The architects were given input about our needs and by mid 2007, the library had been built. All the old books from the previous library were sorted, and only books with a Judaic content, in good condition and relevant today, were kept. A book sale was held to raise money for the library.

All books that were kept, were covered, given a bar code, and then entered into a data base, using the library software (Destiny) we purchased. A spine label was then placed on the book and then the book was finally shelved.

New books have been purchased as donations have been made. In March 2011 our collection numbered 3,300 catalogued books.